I am farm-raised Okie bragging blogging from Katy, Texas, married to Randy, my childhood sweetheart, for 43 years, Mom to Jeff and Jenni, the two best kids on the planet, and grandma to the three funniest, smartest, and best-looking grandkids ever. I have lived in either Oklahoma or Texas all of my life - most recently in Edmond, Oklahoma, where I blogged about it at Oklahoma Peach Fuzz - but we are now back in Texas and loving it.

I am retired from my catering company, For Goodness Sake, and I now spend my days taking care of our home, volunteering at our church, and doing things I love, like quilting in my sewing room and enabling my fabric addiction. I also craft in a loft studio where I putz around with collage, painting and refinishing. My other loves (in no particular order) include a lifelong fascination with weather (I am a trained spotter for the National Weather Service), James Herriot and all things UK, carbohydrates, and my family.


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